The best volunteering and internship opportunities for youths

Nowadays, volunteering had become more and more of a very interesting topic worldwide, especially among youths. It is not only about volunteering in your own city’s community or doing some acts in the help of others. Volunteering had become the way of youths enabling their own strengths, a help in adapting mechanisms and a contribution to making the world a better place.

Volunteering is popular among youths who want to have a totally different experience than living in routine and leave the comfort zone to something worth it, even though it may be challenging. That’s why international volunteer programs were created. Youths, knowing that they would leave a good deed in a place that needed it made volunteering rise among countries in the whole world.

The purposes of volunteering opportunities

Volunteering made great changes to the lives of every one that took part of an experience, either as a volunteer, a beneficiary or a structure. All by providing help, support, and offering hope among the disadvantaged communities around the world. The purpose of volunteering is also to offer opportunities to develop new skills and competencies. Also, to enrich knowledge for those who decide to sign up for those experiences.

What are the international volunteering programs?

international volunteering opportunities

The international volunteer programs are opportunities that allow youths from many parts of the world to make a change in their personal lives. It works as well in the lives of others by embarking on voluntary programs in affected and disadvantaged communities. Youths of different ages are choosing to volunteer through international volunteer programs for many reasons. One of them is the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. Then, to follow a learning process that would help them gain life experiences for future professions.

Moreover, the international volunteering programs had been proven to have a great impact on self development, self-value, and self-trust. It gives a sense of accomplishment, the opportunity to meet new people and experience interculturality, it allows youths to travel and combine the necessary tasks to be done with sensitivity, kindness, and devotion.

Discover the international youth volunteer programs and their aims

Lots of people have been asking for relevant information about the available international volunteer programs. They asked especially about international youth volunteer programs. Those who are interested in traveling the world, meeting other cultures, gaining experience, and paying it forward to a community in need, can benefit from all those volunteers abroad programs.

There are many international volunteer programs out there, especially designed for different types of objectives and aims. Of course, all focus on the main objective, which is spreading solidarity among people. In today’s article, you will find out about two of the most popular international volunteer programs. You’ll find out what does it take to be part of them and how you should start your new journey.

European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps is a European Union program destined for youth volunteering and internships. Its aim is to promote solidarity as an important value around the world and offer high-quality solidarity activities to improve the lives of young people, non-profit organizations, and disadvantaged communities. So, Either you want a summer volunteer program, an international youth volunteer program, ESC is definitely the right choice for you.

What is volunteering through ESC?

Volunteering through the European Solidarity Corps program provides young people with opportunities. They get a chance to contribute through daily tasks to the benefit of the organizations that are in need and the communities that lack something. It is facilitating the improvement of skills for those who participate by taking action on their personal, educational, social, cultural, and professional development.

It also supports active citizenship and employment, including support for the mobility of young volunteers, trainees, and workers. Moreover, International volunteer programs are specially designed for this: During a period of 2, 6, or 12 months, youths from Europe and the other eligible countries, can choose to serve a need in one affected.

They can choose based on what would they like to contribute with, or either with participating in different projects that would improve their experience and skills. Every cost such as the travel ones, the accommodation, food and pocket money is covered by the program. The participants also benefit from international Cigna insurance.

The activities implemented through European Solidarity Corps

Through European Solidarity Corps, there is a wide variety of topics to choose from, as one of the international volunteer programs. The volunteering projects that youths can apply to start from topics of inclusion, integrations, and citizenship. It continues with environment protection, disaster prevention, health, education and training, entrepreneurship, creativity and culture, and sport.

Who can become a volunteer? – What process needs to be followed?

Any youth aged between 18 and 30 can enroll directly on the portal. You need to be legally resident in one of Europe’s member states or in one of the other eligible countries. Then, your profile will be exposed for the organizations to revise.

Any organizations that have on-going projects suitable for your profile will start a recruiting process following their objectives match. If you had followed the process and you had been selected by an organization, you will receive an invitation to the project and get in contact for the 1st interview. Good luck!

Erasmus+ Youth Mobilities

international volunteering opportunities

The Erasmus+ program is one of the international volunteer programs that are active in the fields of education, training, and sports. It aims to support the development of those who want to participate in international mobilities. Youths are welcomed in projects designed by organizations from all around the world.

This Program is complex, as it focuses on different types of projects such as learning mobility projects for individuals and cooperation projects between organizations and institutions. It also comes as a support to promote active citizenship, helping initiative, entrepreneurship, and inclusion.

What is volunteering through Erasmus+?

Volunteering through Erasmus+ allows youth to experience a different culture, boost their cv, enrichtheir network by traveling to a different country. 

As volunteers or interns through Erasmus+ program, youths are committing themselves to work in a different environment for a period starting with 2 weeks, up to 12 months. Same as for the European Solidarity Corps, the Erasmus+ program provides the participants with free transportation, accommodation, food and pocket money during their stage.

The activities implemented through Erasmus+

The activities held through the Erasmus+ program are specially designed so that the youths would be able to develop new skills. They could learn a new language, learn about different cultures, gain confidence in themselves and their potential. Moreover, one of the biggest benefits is that they are given the possibility to create an impact in the community they are active.

Now, the activities are spread through categories. The priorities of Erasmus+ are inclusion and diversity, digital transformation, environment, climate change, and democratic participation. Those activities are best to train your skills when it comes to having gap year from University. The program is also known as an international student volunteer program worldwide.

Who can become a volunteer? – What process needs to be followed?

The program allows every youth between 18 and 30 years old to apply for an Erasmus+ program experience and be from a European country or one eligible one. You enroll yourself on the Erasmus+ platform and start searching for a sending organization.

If you succeeded to get in contact, the next step is applying to find a placement and settle arrangements. Also, You have to be legally resident in the country of the sending organization that recruited you. You will keep in contact with the sending organization throughout the experience and be able to inform them about your activities, tasks,, and feelings. Also, you’ll possibly find out more about other opportunities as well.

Volunteering, a way to become an active participant of a community and immerse yourself into another culture

If someone would have told me that volunteering could be so meaningful 5 years ago, I would probably not understand the purpose of it. After immersing myself in a 6-month volunteering stage with European Solidarity Corps as an in-country volunteer, decided to spread awareness regarding the importance of volunteering and the impact that it has on the youths, structures, and the beneficiary communities as much as I can, by any means possible. My experience had offered me an open door to a whole new vision of the world that surrounds me. It helped me establish meaningful connections, and discover skills that lead me to gain professional experience for future purposes.

The interculturality that I have lived along with a team of 6 volunteers from France, Spain, and Turkey made me realize that the world has such beautiful people. Also, that life is indeed a journey that deserves to be followed with grace and solidarity. Moreover. The chance to give back to a community: that needed help made me realize how a small action can mean such a big change for someone who needs it. That is why enrolling in something such complex as volunteering is definitely a life-changing opportunity.

Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps provide opportunities that create social transformation

All for those who decide to take a step out of their comfort zone and do something for the benefit of others, European Solidarity Carps, Erasmus+ are definitely some of the best volunteers abroad programs that continuously strive to make the world a better place and help youths unblock their potential. So, Be ready to enroll and take the first step out of your comfort zone.


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