Rares (CEMEA Reunion)

Reunion Island, an island that collects all races and religions, a place where the concept of time and space is relative. This space is not too big at a first sight, but if you live here, you’ll see that 30 kilometers look different depending on the way you cover them. We have volcanic mountains that reach the ocean, with 4 microclimates in all landforms. The maximum altitude exceeds 3000 meters. During my first week, I really felt a certain kind of energy, a new one, in the air, in the soil, in the vegetation, in all the surroundings, in the glances of people. Somehow, we can say that this is paradise on Earth, everybody respects the opinion of everybody. I believe that this mixture of different ways of regarding, thinking about and perceiving reality makes people more beautiful, and more attractive. They take the best of each other and together they create a unique perspective on living, without many of the problems inoculated by modern society. I can state all of the above based on the experiences I had here during my EVS project, which is developed by CEMÉA Association, and which I have joined together with my colleague and friend Anda. There were no previous volunteers on the island, so we are the ones breaking the ice. And from now on, the association will have several different projects for youth, focused on mobility. What we do here is work with film, education and culture, the things we love the most. Most certainly this experience will change my life. It already did. I know I will return one day.


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