Irem Baldas

Hi! I’m Irem Baldas. I’m 24. I’m from Eskisehir, Turkey. I studied Civil Engineering. I am now a volunteer in a project called Erasmus+ Children of the Forest, in Arad Romania. Before I came here, I wrote 2 European Union projects in my office in Turkey. I love discovering new places, meeting people, painting, traveling, reading books, and taking photos. The purpose of my coming here was to develop myself more socially and culturally. EIVA has given me more than I expected.

During my volunteering in Romania, the thing that impressed me the most was the culture of Romania. Romanians are very hospitable and good people. During the 2 months I was in Romania, I always felt at home. I made very good friends. I learned a lot of great things during my volunteering at Organizatia EIVA. My coordinators and colleagues were very helpful and good people. They have always been very helpful to me. We were like a family. During my stay in Romania, I had the opportunity to visit many Romanian cities. In this way, I was able to learn more about the history of Romania. European and Ottoman architectural works in the cities of Romania amazed me. Castles and churches were amazing. I am fascinated by all Romanian food. I have always felt at home as our food cultures are very similar. Desserts, soups, and sarmale are among my favorites. It was very difficult for me to leave Romania and my friends there. I miss our work, trips, and conversations we all had together. Thank you again for everything Organizatia EIVA.



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