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“Hands – Shaping our future” is a solidarity project that was developed starting from a problem that was identified in the community of Arad, a city in the western part of Romania. The extreme need for free educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in our community that does not share the same chances as children that come from families with the good financial situation, along with the subit growth in number of Ukrainian children refugees that are now based in Arad after the war started, and not following any type of education because our educational system is not prepared to welcome Ukrainian children yet, inspired a group of 5 people to take action and create an initiative of active citizenship in our local community.

There are more and more children that due to poor socio-economic status, race differences, and forced change of life environment are now lacking mutual support, inclusion and integration activities, children-adapted learning opportunities, and the feeling they belong to something as much as others. These problems are creating a massive gap between these children and the ones that have better statuses and benefits. Due to this situation, we have more and more children that are prone to have self-esteem issues, educational blocks, and lack competencies that should create a development process in their lifelong journey.

Through this project, the 5 members decided to minimize the gap between children that come from different backgrounds and develop a framework to host inclusion for the Ukrainian refugees as well, to welcome them into our community and create a space for interculturality where there are no barriers, stereotypes, or prejudices.

We want the children to benefit from the same rights, and offer them the possibility to continue learning in a non-formal approach, to benefit from free learning materials, offer the possibility to create, and discover new ways of evolving and adapting in a safe multicultural environment.

This initiative represents a continuation of our group’s experiences as volunteers, now welcoming the access for other young people to engage in taking responsibility in the community they are part of. Together, we are developing our nonformal framework of project management as a group, offering ourselves a possibility to develop on personal and professional aspects, while having one main objective, to reduce the difficulties and obstacles for the children we had chosen as a target group, and produce a change in the community we are taking part of through non-formal educational opportunities, available for children.


Developing creative educational activities based on the non-formal education context for ‘100’ disadvantaged children and Ukrainian refugees in Arad, for 12 months.


Provide learning experiences to a number of 100 disadvantaged children and Ukrainian refugees in Arad, monthly for 12 months


Develop personal and professional competencies, for 5 young people from Arad community for 12 months.

Together with the institutions that decided to partner with us in this project, we will have 12 months of facilitating non-formal activities for a total number of 100 children on topics such as inclusion, interculturality, children’s rights, stereotypes, environment protection, recycling, arts and crafts, photography, self-development and social responsibility.

As those activities strive to straighten the inclusion and cohesion of disadvantaged groups, we believe that the project objectives are meeting the objectives of the European solidarity corps program and will create awareness of the challenges that children with fewer opportunities tend to have and show how important it is to take action to combat them

Some pictures from the activities!

Some videos from the activities!

Children Art Gallery

Our Newsletters and press releases!

The first project Newsletter

The second project Newsletter

The third project Newsletter

Our press release on Romania Pozitiva!

Our press release on Arad Events!

Download our free project ressources !

A project Methodology and good practices book where we shared all our insights and tips from the management and implementation of the project

A flyers about European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ in English and Romanian that you can use to make a promotion in your own community !

This guided reflection Journal was created as part of the solidarity project with the aim of helping children and young people develop self-awareness and better understand their thoughts, feelings and actions.

A poster and flashcards that can be included in a game with children and learn about children’s rights!

Flashcards to use with children to help them learn English !

Stickers with words to learn English !

Our activity agenda template and Feedback form adapted for children!

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