Project description

The Green Screen mobility project is all about tackling environmental challenges with a positive outlook for the future of our world. In Romania, Croatia, and France, we’ve identified some serious environmental issues that, if not addressed promptly, could pose a challenge for future generations in restoring the balance.

One of the major global concerns today is the lack of civic engagement among young people on issues like pollution, deforestation, and waste management.

These issues contribute to climate change, causing harm to air quality, agriculture, water sources, and forests. Excessive heating, droughts, and floods have been particularly damaging in the countries involved in our project.

Our partner organizations – EIVA, Culture Clash Croatia, and Leolagrange Centre-est – are eager to enhance their collaboration to tackle these environmental challenges.

Together, we aim to update our resources, practices, methods, and staff capacities to deliver engaging non-formal educational activities to youths from the three countries.

Our focus areas include environmental and climate change, digital skills, competencies, and European citizenship.

We strongly believe that using audiovisual means, especially short movies, is an effective way to raise environmental awareness. It’s a communication method that is not only easy to understand but also appealing for young people, providing them with a creative platform to express their active citizenship and share their ideas.

For us, the key to creating a sustainable and healthy future lies in empowering the younger generation to take the lead in civic activities within their communities. However, we recognize that many young people lack awareness, education, skills, and motivation to address these critical issues

The Green Screen project’s main objectives are clear:

1. Stimulate active citizenship and environmental awareness among 24 young people from Romania, Croatia, and France over 8 months.

2. Develop digital skills related to movie making among 24 young people from the three countries over 8 months.

3. Enable cross-border collaboration, consolidating staff capacity among the three partner organizations for non-formal education programs, promoting European project mobilities in international frameworks over 8 months.

Our goal is to empower young people from diverse backgrounds to come together in intercultural teams. We envision them becoming active citizens and advocates for environmental responsibility, sparking positive changes within their communities.

To achieve these goals, we’ve set two sub-objectives:

1. Create and facilitate a non-formal learning framework for developing competencies, attitudes, and awareness among 24 young people from Romania, Croatia, and France over 8 months.

2. Empower 24 youths from three cultural backgrounds to enhance their personal and professional skills during a 7-day period.

The management aspect of the project focuses on developing the staff of partner organizations through international cooperation. We anticipate that this project will provide valuable insights, skills, and intercultural understanding, preparing our partners for future collaborations on an international scale.

Throughout the implementation, facilitators and group leaders will gain valuable experience in cooperation, coordination, and managing non-formal educational programs and workshops for youths focused on specific topics. Together, we’re working towards a brighter and more sustainable future!

Project's results

Through a youth exchange between France, Croatia and Romania, 30 young people gathered together to learn about environmental awareness and how to develop pro-environmental habits and produce a change in their communities. It focused on maximising the good impacts humans have on nature and inspired others to develop environmental awareness through cinema.

Take a look to the 5 shorts movies produce by the young people of the project. They created the movies in 2 days.

Green Screen Methodology GuideBook!

Short movies created by the participants


About the short movie:

In a world dominated by anxiety and the relentless pursuit of instant gratification, “Take a Deep Breath” delves into the profound impact of two divergent lifestyles through the lens of experimental filmmaking.

This metaphorical journey serves as a poignant lesson, prompting viewers to reassess their lives and discover a harmonious equilibrium between the chaos of modern living and the serenity found in connecting with nature. Conclusion: A Lesson in Balance As the two parallel lifestyles coalesce, the second inspires the first to contemplate a transformative lifestyle change.


Anjely Devillier

Roxana Borbilau

Florine Becue

Romain Bourdon

Iris Matokic


About the short movie:

In an era where overconsumption and overproduction reign over the world, this short film presents a post-apocalyptic vision of what would happen to the earth after all of this. In a poetic text, it is the earth that addresses us with a final message. Long, overlaid, black-and-white shots depict scenes where life no longer exists, except for the last shot, where birds, perhaps the symbol of innocence itself, are seen, far from human foolishness.


Augustin Francois

Andrea Costiniuc

Nadia Nadim

Anastasia Aksakova

Lorine Darcq


About the short movie:

Gaia is a young woman who is fond of clothes and taking care of herself. She loves designer garments and often goes shopping to buy a whole new wardrobe. More recently she has discovered online shopping which allows her to buy even more clothes… But at what cost?


Victor Stana

Sarah Michelin

Zoe Coutout

Luka Eric

Joe Vercambre


About the short movie:

Humanity is fighting to survive in this near future where plastic waste has been out of control, turning the world into darkness.


Ugo Saveant

Klara Skaric

Stacy Laroche Bessey

Andrea Gulic

Erin Caubit


About the short movie:

The film “The true cost” is an illustration of two classic types of behaviour when it comes to fast fashion. The film is divided into two main parts:

The first part shows the differences between excessive and compulsive shopping, in the hope of keeping up with fashion trends, and sustainable shopping, where quality takes precedence over quantity. The differences can be seen in terms of where the characters do their shopping, their own style of dress and their general habits of keeping clothes.

The second and final part of the film shifts the focus from the micro to the macro, bombarding the audience with the consequences of fast fashion: excessive pollution of the planet. A plea is also made to the audience to limit their purchases just from trying to keep up with the already accelerating trends and to understand that change starts at the individual level.

Afterwards, those small individual changes we all make will make a difference.


Adina Buhum

Josipa Kupres

Nicoleta Bibart

Liviu Murgoi

Marko Andrijic

Skills development from the participants


GreenScreen was one of those projects that stays with you both because of the activities and the friendships formed.

We met great people, discovered the city of Osijek and, most importantly, made some short films about environmental issues around us.

The digital skills we gained during the youth exchange stay with us, and the friends we made testify to the importance and impact of these projects.

Nicoleta Bibart

The project created a sense of community really quickly between the members of the team and a special bond.

A really great point of this project was the projection the next day in the cinema Utopia, because it gave every participant a sense of recognition of our work.

It will be used as a strength from now on in any other project that we want to initiate

Florine Becue

I felt touched by the message conveyed on this project, as individuals and citizens we need to be more aware about the environmental issues

Dealing with such a serious subject could be tough, but the fact that we were able to use our creativity to produce a short movie on this topic, was just an amazing experience.

I do feel that this intense week was an overall success for all the participants, and as a Youth Leader, I could see the benefits that such projects can have on individuals

Stacie Laroche Bessey

Some pictures from the activities!


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