Ghetto Entrepreneurs

Project Description

Prior to the implementation of the exchange a kick-off meeting will take place also in Tamale, and following the youth exchange a follow-up meeting will be held in Lomé, Togo.

The result of the project will be documented in the form of a youth exchange best practice guide that will provide a case study example of an implemented youth exchange as a method for developing the competences and promoting the integration of marginalised youth. The guide will offer testimonies of the exchange participants based upon their documentations of the activity. The impact will be increased visibility and better understanding of the difficulties faced by marginalised young people in Europe and Africa, and how by using methods such as a youth exchange a tangible change can be achieved.Young people will gain a sense of self-worth, and ability to influence changes to their own lives and the wider community. This will develop the integration of marginalised youth and strengthen their participation and citizenship on a European level, inducing an increased sense of social responsibility and inclusion, tolerance and respect for other cultures and solidarity.

Project promoters are following organisations:

– Den Okologiske Produktionsskole – Denmark

– SEDARVP – Ghana

– ACET – Togo

– EIVA  Association – Romania

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia

Start Date01-10-2014

Ending Date30-09-2016

Duration in months24

EC Contribution100,987 EURO

The Aim of this project is to enhance youth inclusion through the promotion of their entrepreneurial spirit. It is the belief of the project stakeholders that Entrepreneurship is more than just running a business or being business minded. To be entrepreneurial is a mind-set, a way of life, an attitude, which goes hand in hand with active participation and democracy in the same way democracy is not just voting, it is about having responsibility in your own life and in your community.

This aim will be met through achieving the following objectives:

– To encourage marginalised youth to reflect upon their hopes and fears

– To encourage marginalised youth to reflect upon and utilise their strengths

– To instil a sense of social responsibility among marginalised youth

– To promote a positive awareness of other cultures amongst marginalised youth

– To encourage marginalised youth to reflect upon realities different to their own,- To create and publish a youth exchange best practice guide

– To develop strong cooperation’s between youth organisations in Europe and Africa The project involves four organisations from Denmark, Romania, Ghana, and Togo and comprise of a 2 week youth exchange for 65 marginalised youth, to be held in Tamale, Ghana.


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