Empower – Innovate – Value – Act


Project Description and Details

Empower – Innovate – Value Project creates the framework for intercultural learning experience that will facilitate the access on labor market for 4 volunteers from France, Jordan and Turkey. The volunteers join youth mobility within EVS for a period of 9 months (November 1st, 2014 – August 31, 2015) in Arad Romania. Learning framework designed for volunteers follows non-formal educational principles.

Specific objectives are:

1) Facilitating intercultural learning framework for 4 volunteers coming from France, Jordan, Poland and Turkey, in Arad and

2) Development of educational program targeting 250 children from Arad and Santana.

The meaning of the project title reflects learning stages within the youth mobility: to Empower – learning capacity of volunteers by training, Innovate: volunteers will come with new initiatives, having support from coordinator, mentor and youth workers; Value we emphasize the link between activities and learning. Our aim is to underline the educational value of activities performed by volunteers.

Act: volunteers will act throughout appropriate actions with a deep significance for their learning process. The main activities will take place in Arad and Santana and they will have a high learning impact potential for volunteers and beneficiaries as well. Throughout the implementation process, experienced persons able to support and to guide their learning process will assist the volunteers. We’ll insist on the core basis of the experiential learning – reflection upon the experiences. We’ll also insist on adapting the task according to volunteers profile and learning needs.  The results of the project are focused on learning experiences and competences for volunteers and the target group, and also on active citizenship, tolerance and respect for diversity.


Main activities:

1. Artistic and creative activities based on arts and handicrafts with children and youngsters in Arad and Santana

2. Outdoors and sport based activities

3. Workshops and training modules on: drugs consume prevention, personal hygiene, healthy options, cooking, conflict management, and sexual education

4. Intercultural activities

Partners involved:

– Association EIVA (Romania) – receiving (hosting) organization;
– Youth Network for Development and Innovation (Jordan) – sending organization;
– Tekkekoy Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu(Turkey) – sending organization;
– La ligue de l’Enseignement de Bourgogne (France) – sending organization.

We included actions in or der to insure the visibility of the project and of the Erasmus + Programme, and appropriate actions in order to disseminate the outputs and the learning outcomes of the project. Within the project will promote the young people’s active citizenship, to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people from different countries, the benefits of non-formal education for young people’s personal development, and the principles of lifelong learning.


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