Don’t worry be Healthy

Erasmus +
Youth Exchange
Ruse, Bulgaria (19-28 August 2016)

Project Description

EIVA Association is a partner in a Youth Exchange Project initiated by Association “Inspiration” that is going to be held in Ruse, Bulgaria between 19-28 August 2016.

“Don’t Worry Be Healthy” is a International Youth Exchange in the city of Rousse, with a duration of 10 days. Participants are 42 young people from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain actively involved in these kinds of events. Theme is “Healthy lifestyle”.

The project is promoting the themes of a healthy way of life, including the use on environmentally friendly products, such as foods, cosmetics, products that support our health and sport as part of a healthy lifestyle. The aim is, through planned activities to engage the young people so that they feel the problem as his personal goal to follow and disseminate among their peers and friends.

Participants will visit organic market, will learn about herbs and plants and at the end of the project will organize a “Bio Bazaar”, which will offer products made by them and will present a flash mob. Participants will meet with bee producers and Zumba instructors which will conduct training and exchange experience regarding healthy habits.

Methods are provided for discussion, role plays, team work, visits to the natural environments, activities that involve the full attention of the participants to the topic. The desire effect is to engage with the topic as many people through media, internet and also direct contact tot the idea can continue to exist and to meet other followers after project completion.

Long term benefits of the project are its continuation in another form and development of successful partnerships, a prerequisite for future projects.

Association Inspiration – Ruse Bulgaria


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