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Project Description and Details

Asociatia EIVA is a structure promoting youth’s educational mobility at European level. Leo Lagrange is an important network of public educational associations, known to be useful for society in the fields of training, inclusion and empowerment of the young people. One of its missions is to spread the civic engagement thanks to experience of voluntary mobility. Leo Lagrange would like to receive a young volunteer for a period of 12 months starting from March 2018. This choice, carefully thought by the whole Léo Lagrange structure, is born to create a real dynamics of sharing, a mutual contribution in order to build a progressive participative European society and youth.

The feedback of a young volunteer, his knowledge and know-how, will allow to the hosting structure to better communicate with the target publics and collaborators around the European thematic and youth policies. The objective for the young people, throughout this action, is to use the mobility experience as a vector of gain of self confidence, personal and professional skills and last but not least cultural encounter.

Generally, the young volunteer will help the young people (young mainly “NEET”, out of school for a long time, with social, economic, physical, cultural and/or geographical issues) on the territory to be aware of the mobility opportunities financed by Europe and co-financed by the local institutions. Then, the tasks of the young volunteer will focus on cultural animation, training and integration.
This will be take place in the region Hauts de France and in Lille.
The expected results for the volunteer: have a unique mobility experience during which he can develop skills as agreed on the YouthPass support. Then, in becoming a mobility “ambassador”, he could encourage and mobilize several local, European and international actors to support such mobility programs on the long term since the citizen engagement is everyone business!

Project promoters are following EVS youth organisations:

– EIVA Association – Romania

– Leo Lagrange Nord Ile de France


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