EIVA is a NON profit association from Romania, created with the purpose of developing and implementing social, cultural, and educational projects in order to contribute to the development of social responsibility in the community where the association has been active for more than 8 years. Our association is involved in education and international cooperation, focusing on the issues and challenges of young people who do not benefit from equal chances. Moreover, we are involved in the promotion and education through volunteering projects for personal and professional development, social inclusion, and intercultural awareness since 2013 as coordinators, hosts, and sending organizations for European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+.

The EIVA team is formed of a group of people with relevant experience in the field of education, training, and non-formal education. Our expertise has encouraged us to develop solutions for the challenges of nowadays society through education. Together, we mediate intercultural learning opportunities for children that need to be integrated into the labor market, by enriching and straightening their

We also develop activity campaigns in peer-to-peer education, and connect key actors to empower NGOs from an urban and rural areas. Our team members involved in the implementation of the organization’s projects has consistent experience in projects, implementing in the period 20142019 a number of five European volunteering projects (EVS, Erasmus+) involving 26 long-term volunteers, two short-term internship projects coordinated by LeoLagrange and implemented in Arad by EIVA with the participation of 12 French volunteers, a referral project with 1 volunteer sent to Lille France, and being sending partners for 4 organizations, sending 6 volunteers.

During all this time, the core team remained the same, adding new members along the way who have been trained and know the principles of the European Corps Programme. Solidarity Corps.


Our organization’s visions are to empower the communities that we are working with, overcoming inequality and poverty. We believe that solidarity acts are the tool which if promoted, would change the world through the power of a good example.

We strive to :

  • Develop international cooperation projects that would build a network for further social implication
  • Develop humanitarian solidarity projects to act where is a need for action in affected communities
  • Promote international exchanges opportunities, volunteering opportunities and internship mobilities among youths that do not know about the European facilities
  • Sustain entrepreneurship education and socio-personal projects for youths and interns that want to apply for their own project.




Our association strives to encourage
European partnerships that would:

straighten the power of the solidarity sec
tor in overcoming European challenges

through cooperation

help the protection and inclusion of vulner
able groups through anti mvarginalization

campaigns and projects

Defense the human rights through empathy
acts and involvement in the disadvantaged


Promote entrepreneurship education


Equality, as the piece of a fair society

Solidarity, is an example of how we treat others that are
in need

Dignity, as an example of respecting everyone, no matter
the class, race, gender, religion, or any other factors

Interculturality, as enriching new perspectives, visions,

concepts through multicultural experiences

Transparency, as ensuring clear, open, communication
through the partnerships

Education, as the first step into the development
of a community

Professionalism, as the key to succeed


EIVA’s main purpose is to develop solutions in order to foster progress in society through
education and the active participation of young people.

Developing educational projects targeting various
groups: children, youths and adults.

Initiating and implementing programs in favor of
youths through local, national, European, or inter

national initiatives.

Promoting the cooperation and exchange of good
practices between civil society organizations at the

European and international levels.

Implementing voluntary programs at local and
international levels.

Offering learning opportunities for youth people,
youth workers, and adults interested in learning.

Implementing initiatives in order to increase
active participation and European awareness

among youngsters.


We are a member of networks and platforms of associations, working together
with other organizations in order to reach our common goals.

We collaborate with :

School Centre for Inclusive Education: we offer information and support services for the
beneficiaries of the center who are children and young people with special needs (students

of the school are facing various problems: physical or mental disability, learning disabilities,

health problems, educational difficulties, economic and social difficulties).

County Library AD Xenopol: we respond to some needs in the educational area, the activ
ities are addressed to children who spend their time in a non-formal learning environment
that we will configure together with volunteers.

“Henri Coanda” Technological High School of Auto Transport, Arad and the Technolog
ical College of Industry, Food Industry College, Arad we offer the possibility to reduce the
difficulties of school integration through the realization and implementation of personal
development plans in peer to peer working sessions.

All interventions initiated by our association are based on partnerships with local stakeholders, such as schools, high
schools, public libraries, social centers, other NGOs. This network of agreements allows EIVA to develop quality

actions targeted with social impact.

We supported access to our volunteers to spread their message to students in the classroom, non-formal events for

young people, art workshops for children and teens in a local public library. Due to international cooperation proj

ects, EIVA association adopted methods and practices to its projects, establishing a board game center for young

people with over 40 educational games and promoting human rights education in schools.



We implement activities in partnership with local, national or international
actors being focused on topics such as:

Learning through mobility actions

Developing/strengthening cooperation between organizations
from different EU countries

Human rights education

Intercultural education

Education through games and animation
(we coordinate a board games center in our office)

Peer-to-peer education has as a main target group the young people

Drugs consumption prevention

Organisational development and organizational management


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